Questions to Consider

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Most Important Questions To Answer When Considering the Best School For Your Child

1)  Is your child reading, writing, and spelling on grade level or above without any adult help?
2)  Is your child able to show high, consistent math mastery without any adult help?
3)  Is your child frustrated with class work and homework?
4)  Do you feel that you are "homeschooling" when you try to help your child with homework or projects?
5)  Do you have to pay for a tutor? or... Do you and your child have to view a "tutor online" to figure out homework?
6)  Is ALL homework explained with examples and returned or...Are just answers called out or marked?
7)  Is homework even discussed each day? Is it even assigned?
8)  Do all Class Work and Homework correlate to all tests?
9)  Do parents and students get to see ALL checked/graded homework and tests- not just computerized grades? 
10)  Is ALL work truly your child's independent work or adult or partner/group work involved?
11)  How many writing compositions have been assigned and edited with the student the entire year?
12)  Have you seen true, high quality writing at appropriate grade level?
13)  Is your child still responding verbally and in writing as a Second Grader instead of a Fifth Grader?
14)  Is your child still responding as Third Grader instead of an Eighth Grader?
15)  Will your child be fully prepared for Middle School and High School? College?

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