How We Are So Different

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How Innovative Academy Is So Different...UNIQUE!

Majority of Current Schools

Kids Teaching Kids in Group Work or With Partners

Computers "Teaching" Kids

Group/Project Work

Students Frustrated With Class Work or Homework

Class Work & Homework NOT Discussed Every Day

Students Leaving Class For Other Instruction... MISSING Regular Instruction in Other Subject Areas

Students Need a Tutor

Parent "Homeschooling" To Aid With Homework

Few Meaningful Valid Tests

Re-Takes of Tests

Inflated Grades

Little Teacher Accountability For ALL Students

Little Documentation For 172 School Days To Prove Report Card Grades

Minimal Skill Reinforcement Without Requiring Ensure INDIVIDUAL MASTERY For ALL Students = Effective Teaching

Modifying Assignments (Lowering Expectations)

Teaching All Students on Same Grade Level Materials

Skill Gaps Rarely Corrected

Labeling Many Students

​​​​​​​Busy Work

​​​​​​​Majority of Work NOT Edited/Corrected

​​​​​​​Students Get Further Behind...NEVER "Catch-Up"


Proven Results of Innovative Academy

Direct Instruction & Guided-Practice Instruction By Teacher

Using Computers as a Tool to Reinforce & Maintain ONLY AFTER Effective Teacher's Instruction

Individual Work

Students NOT Frustrated With Class Work & Homework

Class work & Homework Are ALWAYS discussed Every Day So Each Student Can "Learn From Own Mistakes"

Students NEVER Leaving Class For Other Instruction

Students NEVER Need a Tutor

Parent NEVER Needing to Instruct For Homework

Weekly Valid Mastery Tests

No Re-Takes of Mastery Tests

True, Valid Grades

True, Consistent Teacher Accountability for ALL Students (NOT Just For a Handful of Students)

Daily, Weekly, and Periodic Documentation For 172 School To Prove Valid Report Card Grades

Maximum Effective Reinforcement of ALL Skills To INDIVIDUAL MASTERY = Ineffective Teaching

Teaching Without the Need For Modifying Assignments (High Expectations For ALL Students)

Cross-Level Skill Groupings So All Students Are Taught On Appropriate Level Materials For Daily Success

Skill Gaps ALWAYS Corrected

NEVER Labeling Any Student

Meaningful, Effective Work

ALL Work Edited/Corrected in ALL Subject Areas

Students Will "Catch-Up & Succeed!

Affordable Tuition

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