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Each Student Will Achieve High, Consistent, Individual Academic Success.
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Welcome to Innovative Academy

Innovative Academy For Grades K - 8th
  • Enterprising & Dynamic
  • Effective Proven School Design
  • Multi-Sensory Processes
  • Step-by-Step Processes
  • Vigorous Academic Focus
  • Active Direct Instruction
  • Positive Learning Experience
  • Proven Documented Results

Process-Teaching/Process-Learning School Design - Proven 45 years
Created by:  Jean J. Chapman-Hester, Ed.S.

Innovative Academy also welcomes Struggling Students with:
  • IEP
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Visual Process Disorder
  • Auditory Process Disorder
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Innovative Academy's Effective Math Instructional Program is Amazing

The Process-Teaching/Process-Learning Math School Design provides a strong math foundation for the future.

Concepts & Skills are Taught from:
Concrete Instruction to Reinforcement to Abstract Thinking...
Basic Skills to Reinforced Skills to Higher Critical-Thinking Skills.

Innovative Academy "Balances" All Major Math Areas Each Day:
Facts Area, Conceptual Area, Computational Area, and Problem-Solving Area.

Let Your Child Re-Discover the Joy of Numbers!
Eliminate ALL Math Frustrations!
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Innovative Academy's Effective Writing Instructional Program is Unbelievable

The Process-Teaching/Process-Learning Writing School Design teaches students to become creative, motivational, skillful, and confident writers. It stresses organization, elaboration, and editing.

Writing will be Inter-Disciplinary throughout all other subject areas:  science, social studies, geography, civics, & history at all grade levels.

Students in Grades K-1st will learn to write sentences and short stories utilizing Sight Words and Common Nouns consistently.

All writings will be edited with each student by the teacher.

Students in 2nd and 3rd Grades will learn to write Descriptive, Narrative, and How-To/Explanatory, and Compare & Contrast Compositions - PLUS Chapter Summaries for Book Reports.

Students in 4th and Higher will master the above compositions, PLUS:  Persuasive & Characterization Compositions, Literary Analysis Summaries, and Research Writing.

Weekly Compositions will be taught, reinforced, & edited by the teacher- not the parent. Every word, sentence, paragraph, and composition will be edited with each student.

Grammar/Mechanics will be taught in Isolation (Separate Skill Sheets) and while editing all student compositions with the teacher so students can "Learn From Own Mistakes" to achieve Individual Mastery.

Innovative Academy's Effective Phonetic, Multi-Sensory Spelling Program Develops Each Student's...

  • Reading Decoding Skills
  • Spelling Skills         
  • Writing Skills
  • Six-Step Process
  • Phonetic Rules
  • "Button Sounds"
  • Never Changes From Grade to Grade
  • Not Letter Names
  • Multi-Sensory
  • Transferring To Any Word

K - 3rd Graders:
Isolated Skill Lists, Sight Words, & Common Nouns

2nd - 8th:
U.S. States & Capital Cities/Major Cities

4th - 8th Graders:
Isolated Skill Lists, Middle School Vocabulary, ACT/SAT Vocabulary, and Specialized Vocabulary in ALL Subject Areas 

Innovative Academy's Effective Reading Instructional Program is The Core of Success in All Subjects

Process-Teaching/Process-Learning Reading School Design
  • Sight Word Processes
  • Phonetic Decoding Processes
  • Oral Reading/Fluency
  • Comprehension Processes-Plus Literary Connections
  • Specialized Vocabulary in ALL Subject Areas
  • Processes For Life

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